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I was born. When and where don't really matter anymore. All that anyone needs to know about my age is that I'm not planning on checking out anytime soon. That again said I can get run over tomorrow.

I live in New Zealand, in a little town called Wellington. I moved up here to get a little more experience in the IT industry. I spent 5 months working for Fujitsu and then moved into working for the New Zealand Police as a Level 1 help desk analyst. After that I moved to a small company called Agriculture ITO, Still working on the helpdesk. From there I was encourged to join a company called Gen-i. I started as a Seinor Service Engineer and then moved up to a systems engineer. I've been working for them ever since.

I have started to write. I am working my way towards a novel with the help of a lot of friends. There will be quite a few short stories which can be found on the books page.

I love cars. Anything cars. Please don't mistake this to mean that I love going fast and breaking the law. I like to go fast but in a controlled environment. Hardly a weekend goes by where I don't work on something to do with cars. You will find more information about my cars and others on the Cars page.