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Ok here is the problem. I used to play with lego some 20 odd years ago. There where a few things that I had hoped had come about by now. Only way to find out was to go to Lego and take a look.

Well they now not only do remote control like I had hoped they would but now you can use Blue Tooth to control your creations.

There are now a lot of things on my wish list. These include
Truck Number 8536
Street Bike Number 8420
Mobile Crane number 8421

You can also download a digital designer. This will allow you to build you creations and after you have added the finishing touches then you can order them from Lego directly and they will price it out for you and send it to your door. WAY COOL!!!!

On the down side to this you still can't design Technic monsters ..... yet

If its instructions that you in need of then I would seggest that you try going to Peeron™ LEGO© Set Inventories

New lego
Monday 13 February 2017

Finally after a few years I'm now able to add a couple of lego sets to my collection.

The first is set number 42029 the Lego Customised Pick up Truck. I also got the optional motor set to add motorised functionally which includes extending the winch on the front as well as raising and lowering the deck as well. I'm very happy with the set and unlike my other sets this one has stayed assembled for well over a year now.

The other set I have just finished this year was set number 42043, The Mercedes-Benz 42043 Arocs 3245. To say I love this set would be an under statement. Previously my most complicated set was the Tow Truck set 8285. The Mercedes-Benz truck was just as complicated if not a little more and took me about 50% more time to complete. With its four functions including a motoried phunamitc pump which controls 4 sections of the arm and deck tipping it made for an interesting build. I'm very hapy with this build it looks very neat and tidy.

The only other sets that I would love to add to my collections are set number 42055 and set 42056 but as these are priced well outside my current price range it could be a while before I get my hands on these sets.



No Update to date
Monday 08 June 2009

I'm sorry to say folks that I haven't been able to add any more sets to my collection. Contributions are gladly welcome.

I'm hoping to add a few more sets even if they are small sets but for now I'm also thinking about starting up a model railway as well. If this does start then I will add a new section to it on this site as well.

On a side note I have been invited to a mates house to look at his lego room. He says that it is a room that is fully layed out with road blocks and buildings. If I do manage to get there I will try to add some photos.



Latest Inventory
Tuesday 30 September 2008

Here is the currnet list of the lego sets that I currently have. There is not a lot to update from here and I will try to upload images soon

8435 4WD
7890 Ambulance
7902 Doctor's Car
4953 Fast Flyers
7906 Fireboat
4915 Mini Construction
8418 Mini Loader
8281 Mini Tractor
8287 Motor Box
8282 Quad Bike
7903 Rescue Helicopter
4893 Revvin' Riders
8832 Roadster
4896 Roaring Roadsters
8270 Rough Terrain Crane
8272 Snowmobile
8283 Telehandler
8285 Tow Truck
8271 Wheel Loader



Got the truck 8285
Thursday 18 September 2008

OK I've had this for a while now but seeing as the site is back on again I thought that I should put this here.

For christmas 2007 my uncle gave me the tow truck. I have always wanted this since I got back into lego.

I had to pick it up from the harbour as my uncle lives accorss a little bit of water that costs a lot of money to travel accross. After I finally got the kit I set to putting it together. 8 hours later, spread over 3 days I finally had the kit assembled and it looks great. I will post some photos soon.




New lego

No Update to date

Latest Inventory

Got the truck 8285